Peter Brady a 'Happy Digital Dude,' Reveals Tech Gig

Child star Christopher Knight, best known for his role as Peter in “The Brady Bunch,” has a hidden talent that most of his fans might not know about. 

The former “Peter Brady” is a tech expert, and he stopped by “FoxNews.com Live” to share his favorite tips.

“I’m a happy digital dude,” he told host Harris Faulkner, where he made recommendations live from Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“This is where to be if you want to be in the know about everything you’re going to see on the shelf at your consumer electronics store within the next two months,” he said. “It’s like Nirvana for us geeks.”

It turns out Knight has worked in the science and technology field for years, beginning a second career in computers back in 1988. He has even served as a vice president in several software companies.

He later returned to reality television in 2005 on "The Surreal Life," where he met his wife, fellow-reality star Adrianne Curry.

But while he may be researching technology out in Vegas, it appears he may be running into some trouble back at home. 

According to a report from RadarOnline.com, Knight is being sued for assault and battery, as well as being accused of stalking and abusing his former accountant.

Charlie Netel is accusing Knight of stalking and assaulting him after the “Brady Bunch” star loaned money to a company connected to Netel.

Court papers were filed Wednesday to request a trial.

So while Knight is happy, Netel isn't!