In New Album, Don Omar Introduces his “Orphans”

Reggaeton artist Don Omar released his new album today titled “Meet the Orphans,” which includes songs by up-and-coming performers Syki El Terror and Kendo Kaponi.

In an interview with Efe, the “King of Kings” said the title of his new album is dedicated to the reggaetoneros who are “orphans” in the genre and in “need of a special place in urban music.”

The Puerto Rican singer pointed out that he put more enthusiasm in this album than in others, which will be key to its success. He also that time has helped him develop as an entrepreneur.

Don Omar, who owns record label El Orfanato Music Group, opened up about celebrations for his 10-year anniversary as an established artist. The singer will be touring in Spain, Germany, Belgum, and France, to name a few, with the mission of letting people know that reggaeton is still alive.

Besides Syko and Kendo other guest artist appearing in the album is French singer and song writer Lucenzo.

Don Omar also mentioned how in his album he collaborated with music producers Luny Tunes, Diesel, Robin, Hyde, Alcover, Xtassy, Linkon, and Danny Fornaris who previously worked with reggaeton stars Calle 13 and Tego Calderón.

Singles such as “Luna Llena,” “Good Looking,” and “Orphanization,” are a few of the songs that Don Omar sings in his new album.

As always, we bring you a sneak peak. Check out Don Omar’s single “Luna Llena” below.

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Translation from EFE by Fox News Latino