Wow. Madonna's had more men in her life than we realized.

And we're not even including the women.

Keeping all the male models, baseball players, and boy toys straight is no easy task, so we're not surprised that there's some confusion about her latest paramour.

Various reports claim that the 52-year-old Material Girl is dating Brahim Rachiki, an "older" 33-year-old choreographer, as in nine years older than her ex, 24-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz.

But X17online.vom reports that Madonna is actually dating a different Brahim -- Brahim Zaibat, a b-boy dancer who is only 24, the same age as Jesus.

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"They've been seeing each other for a few months but really keeping it on the DL," a source close to the dancer tells the website. "Madonna did NOT want this getting out before she had time to see if things were really going to work out between her and Brahim or not. Things have been going well so she was about to go public with the relationship anyway."

On Friday, Madonna and Zaibat were photographed leaving the IFC Theater in New York.

Although Madonna is sure to get attention with her latest boy toy -- just as she did with her famous husbands, Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn -- there will never be another couple quite as catchy as "Madonna and Jesus."