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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Voight Confident Americans Will Seek Change in Midterm Elections

  • Jon Voight. (Reuters)

    Jon Voight. (Reuters)

  • Jon Voight says he has great admiration for those involved in U.S. intelligence.

    Jon Voight says he has great admiration for those involved in U.S. intelligence.  (AP)

With less than a month to go before the midterm elections, politically minded Hollywood actor Jon Voight is confident the majority of Americans will seek some serious power changes, which he feels are necessary to put the United States back on the track of prosperity.

“I hope so, the country needs it,” Voight told Pop Tarts last week, when we asked if he thought we will see a major shift in power as a result of the upcoming elections. “We’re in a bit of trouble so we need something now. Hopefully it will happen and we can start to improve some of things we’ve lost.”

And even though Voight directed the 1995 TV movie “The Tin Soldier” and has been in the entertainment industry for almost 50 years as an actor/writer/producer, Angelina Jolie apparently didn’t seek her father’s expertise with regards to making her directorial debut, based on her own screenplay.

“She’s an amazing person, she wrote this piece and she’s a doer – I admire that about her, she got a lot of encouragement from people she really cared about,” Voight said. “I haven’t seen the script, but she got good advice – maybe she showed it to Clint [Eastwood, who directed Jolie in the ‘Changeling’.] I don’t know. But she’s out there doing it right now, God Bless her. It’s really wonderful.”

Production for Jolie’s $15 million film is currently underway in Budapest, Hungary is expected to run through to November. The plot is centered on the romance between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman, and how their lives are affected by the Bosnian War. And given Jolie’s new gig, her well-traveled brood has reportedly been enrolled in yet another school – this time in the Hungarian capital.

According to Us Weekly, parents and teachers at the Budapest school have signed complex and in-depth security documents, agreeing not to give information to the press.

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