Lindsay Lohan Could Be Next Janis Joplin, Expert Says

May 24: Lindsay Lohan sits in the courtroom during a probation status hearing in Beverly Hills.

May 24: Lindsay Lohan sits in the courtroom during a probation status hearing in Beverly Hills.  (Reuters)

The day after it was revealed Lindsay Lohan had failed two court-order drug tests, just weeks after her stint in jail and rehab, the troubled starlet tweeted a public apology and enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous.

But according to one Hollywood chemical addiction specialist, Marty Brenner, at this point Lohan could be “history” if she doesn’t receive a lot more intensive help.

“It seems Lindsay is on the verge of going down fast. It is not if – it is when – she is going to die, unless she gets the right the help this time,” Brenner, who does not treat Lohan, told Pop Tarts. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay was the next Janis Joplin."

Blues singer Joplin died in 1970 of a heroin overdose at the age of 27.

"[Lohan] needs an absolute minimum of 90 days in an intensive rehab center to address these issues, a place where she can’t break the rules and then a transition period into normal life again," Brenner said. "Lindsay just went straight from rehab at UCLA back to her old ways with no transition. What she is doing to herself is insane.”

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Lohan is due back in court later this week after failing a substance abuse test.

Brenner feels the root of the problem is Lohan’s social tight social circle, who apparently tell her she “doesn’t have a problem,” and her mother Dina, who has denied that her daughter struggles with substance abuse.

On Tuesday, Pop Tarts spies spotted Dina Lohan indulging in a massage at Beauty Bar at the Townhouse Spa in New York, where she was gushing about how happy she was that he eldest daughter was “back on track” and busy with her career.

“Until Lindsay gets completely away from those people who tell her she’s fine, she will never be able to develop a new mindset and get through this,” he continued. “I don’t think more jail time is the answer, but at least 90 days in rehab is a start.”

Lohan, 24, may not be so fortunate. The failed tests could mean she’ll be sentenced to 30 days behind bars for each of the two failed tests.

“I predict she will get at least 30-45 days for the violations,” said Santa Monica-based criminal defense attorney Steve Cron. “Judge Fox is going to want to ensure Lindsay is taking the court system seriously and right now, she just doesn’t seem to get it.”

The judge has not yet set a hearing date for Lohan.

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