EXCLUSIVE: Bristol Palin Didn't Go to Prom or Any Other School Dances

Bristol Palin really is brave!

The "Dancing With the Stars" contestant told Fox News' Sean Hannity that not only is she a dance newbie, she didn't even go to her own prom.

"I didn't go to my prom," she said Wednesday night on "Hannity." "I was pregnant with Tripp and never went to really any of my school dances."

The daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin talked about practicing for "Dancing With the Stars," being a single mom, and dealing with her ex, Levi Johnston.

"['DWTS'] is difficult! I've got blisters on my feet. My legs are getting so sore. It's a lot of hard work," she said.

Then why do it?

"I'm going on "Dancing With the Stars" to step out of my comfort zone ... but I'm not terrified at all," she said, dispelling tabloid reports that she was afraid to be on the show. "I have tough skin. I think that I've been criticized a lot in the past, and I think that I will be fine with the criticism."

Palin, 19, said one thing she will not be criticized for is showing too much skin on the show.

"Modesty is just who I am, and I know that I will be covered up with higher necklines," she said. "I'm already working with the costume designers to make the dress fit my body style."

Palin was mum on her off-again relationship with Levi Johnston, her son's father.

"Levi's doing his own thing," she said. "I'm doing my own thing. I'm just glad that I'm raising Tripp by myself."

She said she doesn't keep tabs on her attention-seeking ex, who is reportedly filming a reality show in her hometown of Wasilla.

"I don't pay attention to anything that he's doing, just because we're two different worlds away," she said.

Palin said she hopes her appearance on 'DWTS' serves as an inspiration to other single moms.

"I just want to show moms out there that you can work and you can be a great mom. There are so many things that you can do. You can juggle everything," she said. "Tripp will be right by my side during the whole thing."