Celebrity Rebound Relationships

Kat Von D confirmed via Twitter that she and Jesse James are dating.

Kat Von D confirmed via Twitter that she and Jesse James are dating.

Infamous lothario Jesse James is back on the dating scene.

James, the motorcycle maker who broke America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock's heart almost immediately after she won the Oscar, appears to be in a new romance just two months after the divorce that rocked the nation.

And who's the lucky girl? Well, a sexy tattoo artist, of course!

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On Wednesday, 28-year-old Kat Von D, star of TLC's "LA Ink," Tweeted, "Yes, Jesse and I are dating."

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Mysteriously, she quickly deleted the message, but not before it had been re-Tweeted by more than 100 other users. Perhaps the relationship is already rocky?

Bullock filed for divorce in April following allegations that James was having an affair with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. That guy can't resist a girl with a little ink!

Rebound relationships appear to be in the air this week. "Saturday Night Live" scene-stealer Fred Armisen is reportedly dating fellow SNL cast member Abby Elliott — even though he just married "Mad Men" actress Elisabeth Moss last October.

Moss and Armisen reportedly separated in May (after only seven months of marriage)... but there's more to the scandal: Armisen is 20 years older than the fresh-Elliott.

"They are together," one source told E! Online. "It is very new."

But James and Armisen are not alone in their rebounding ways. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love long before he was through divorcing Jennifer Aniston, and the freshly separated Kelsey Grammer has already gotten his new girlfriend pregnant.