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Erin Andrews Death Threats Causing Stress Backstage at 'DWTS'

Dancing with the Stars” sweetheart Erin Andrews is apparently causing quite a bit of extra mayhem on the CBS studios lot – although it isn’t exactly her fault.

In the wake of recent death threats directed at the ESPN sportscaster and e-mailed to sports talk show "The Dan Patrick Show," officials have introduced extreme TSA-style screening precautions. We’re told every single person, from media to audience and even the cast/crew, has to arrive early and have their cars and personal possessions checked and double checked. 

And while Andrews’s safety is obviously of paramount importance, the beefed-up security is adding pressure to those involved with the already super-intense reality show.

“It is definitely causing added stress on everyone,” dished our insider. “And it is now really difficult for people to even be allowed into the show. The cast/crew used to be able to get people on the list, but now it is very hard to do that.” 

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An ABC rep from 'DWTS' and Andrews’s publicist declined to comment any further on the situation.

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation to determine the source of the threats, however a rep told us on Wednesday afternoon that no arrests have been made.

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So is heightened security going to have to become the norm on the hit ABC dance show? Last year similar measures were put into practice after gymnast Shawn Johnson became the subject of a stalker. A 34-year-old Florida man was caught hopping a fence outside the 'DWTS' studios in an effort to get close to the then 17-year-old and later charged with a felony. 

But if the Andrews death threats saga isn’t enough to contend with, those involved with the show also have to contend with Kate Gosselin’s extreme diva demands and her need for a personal bodyguard.

“Nobody on the show has ever had their own bodyguard before, everyone thinks it is ridiculous. Its all in her head,” said our source. “Not even Erin requires her own security person … Kate might spend all her time in the trailer and not talk to anyone, but this is her way of drawing attention.” 

Apparently the former TLC starlet is anything but nice behind the scenes and the production assistants are crossing their fingers she gets eliminated soon as they simply don’t want to work with her and her “I’m-better-than-everyone” attitude. 

But on a happier note, apparently the 31-year-old Andrews really is foxtrotting her relationship with dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy from professional to personal. The two reportedly “hit it off” immediately and are seeing where things go… 


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