RAW DATA: The Stars Honored at the 82nd Annual Oscars' 'In Memoriam' Tribute

The memorial montage at the 82nd annual Academy Awards has caused quite a stir for the absence of Farrah Fawcett from the tribute. Following a tribute to director John Hughes, the following deceased stars were honored by the Academy:

- Patrick Swayze

- Monte Hale

- Jean Simmons

- Tullio Pinelli

-Eric Rohmer

-Ken Annakin

-David Carradine

-Gareth Wigan

-Daniel Melnick

-Howard Zieff

-Dom DeLuise

-Army Archerd

-Ron Silver

-Brittany Murphy

-Lou Jacobi

-Simon Channing-Williams

-Betsy Blair

-Joseph Wiseman

-Jack Cardiff

-Kathryn Grayson

-Arthur Canton

-Nat Boxer

-Millard Kaufman

-Roy E. Disney

-Larry Gelbart

-Horton Foote

-Robert Woodruff Anderson

-Budd Schulberg

-Michael Jackson

-Natasha Richardson

-Jennifer Jones

-David Brown

-Karl Malden