Brittany Murphy May Have Taken 109 Vicodin in 11 Days

File: Actress Brittany Murphy.

File: Actress Brittany Murphy.  (AP)

Troubled starlet Brittany Murphy filled a prescription for the painkiller Vicodin just 11 days before her death late last year but 109 pills were missing when she was found collapsed in her home Dec. 20, The New York Post reported Saturday, citing a coroner's office report.

The official cause of death has been ruled pneumonia and drug intoxication. The report says the 32-year-old "8 Mile" actress was issued 120 pills of Vicodin on Dec. 9, and only 11 were left in the bottle when she suddenly died at her Los Angeles home.

The gossip Web site TMZ is also reporting Saturday that the LA coroner's office can't locate the doctor who issued the prescription.

It isn't clear why Murphy was prescribed the painkiller. Vicodin is supposed to be taken no more than four times daily, the site reported, making the max she should have taken in that time would be 44 instead of 109.

The coroner's office has Murphy's death an accident, and said she died of pneumonia and drug intoxication. "Iron deficiency anemia" was also cited as a cause.

TMZ is also reporting that coroner's officials have reached out to Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, to help locate the missing doctor, but came away empty handed.

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