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Pam Anderson Left Nearly Naked in the Cold After Fashion Week Show

Pamela Anderson was certainly the star attraction at the Richie Rich A*MUSE Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday night, as she worked the runway in a barely-there silver one-piece that exposed most of her breasts, tummy and thighs.

But what the former “Baywatch” babe probably didn’t anticipate was that she would be left hanging in the cold bathroom for over an hour afterwards as nobody could find her dress.

“Pamela was hovering almost butt-naked sipping champagne while everyone ran around frantically trying to find her clothes,” an insider dished. “She was able to laugh it off, but she had to wait so long that it was becoming a bit of a worry.” 

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Although it seems the 42-year-old’s entire Fashion Week experience was one drama after another. We’re told the highly-anticipated fashion show started 60 minutes late as Anderson’s flight was delayed due to New York’s inclement weather and then she still had to stop by her hotel before high-tailing it to the venue. But being the good sport Pammy is, the busty blonde kept her word and posed for pics with Richie on the red carpet – albeit in her bathrobe.

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On that note, we can’t help but wonder what Anderson’s sons, aged 13 and 12, must think of their mama’s escapades – although she at least tries to keep as much from them as possible.

"I don’t really show my kids a lot of stuff that I do. They just think when they go to career day that mommy rescues animals and daddy is a rock star,” Anderson told Pop Tarts last year, adding that her boys have yet to see their mama running up-and-down the beach in slow-motion in the hit 90’s series “Baywatch.”

But back to Anderson’s flawless figure (which was certainly in full-force on Wednesday night), what’s the starlet’s secret?

“I go for walks and I’m a vegetarian,” the actress turned PETA activist said simply. 

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