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Marisa Miller Taken Down by Tom Arnold

Chances are Marisa Miller didn’t quite know what she was getting herself into when she signed on to compete in DIRECTV’s 4th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl during the Super Bowl festivities in Miami on Saturday. The itty bitty beauty was knocked to the ground when actor Tom Arnold (on the opposing team) out-of-nowhere decided to jump her in the early portion of the friendly game.

“All of a sudden this big, sweaty guy was on top of me,” Miller, who snagged Most Valuable Player, lamented after the game.

Miller and Arnold joined the likes of Chace Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Lautner, Brian McKnight and Olivia Munn to compete in the no-holds-barred flag football game in front of thousands of screaming fans, under the guidance of team “coaches” quarterback Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets and NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

HOT SHOTS: The lovely and talented Marisa Miller.

But the pigskin aside, Miller also told Pop Tarts that she plans to spread her wings overseas in the hope of visiting the troops soon as part of her work with Harley Davidson.

“We’re trying to work all the details of that (the trip) out now,” Miller said. “It’s been really great working with Harley Davidson as I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with the military through them. We did a campaign for the USO that was based on a 1940’s pinup, we shot calendars and promotional material to send to them. I get so many letters from overseas and I was really cool to do something for them and in honor of them, show them some love.”

The modeling gig has even inspired a new “addiction.”

HOT SHOTS: Miller and her Victoria's Secret model pals.

“I’ve been riding a lot, I got my dad a Harley and my husband rides and my uncle rides,” she said. “We all go for rides together, it has been really fun. I’m totally into it, totally addicted.”

And while Miller looked as taut and tiny as ever, she insisted that she’s gained weight since the famous Victoria’s Secret Runway Show in November.

“Before the fashion show I was working out and dieting. Then the holidays came and I ate a lot,” she explained. “My husband said ‘honey you look so much better after you’ve eaten a cheeseburger’. I think I went too hard before the show, you want to do your best – you’re in-motion and you’re moving. But I realized I do feel better a little curvier and more womanly, it is just important to keep your curves tight. Hearing my husband, who sees me more than anyone, say I look better after a cheeseburger is absolutely fine with me!”

But back to the subject of competition, is it possible that there is a little fighting, or shall we say 'twighting' between Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz?

Kellan Lutz turned up to the Super Bowl Audi Party at the W Hotel’s penthouse on Friday night a little after Lautner – but apparently neither went out of their way to say hi, at least not initially.

Hmmm, perhaps Lutz just couldn’t get past the bunch of burly security guards that Lautner had hovering over him the entire time he was in Miami. In fact, that kind of became the running joke among journalists and PR peeps throughout the festivities – Lautner turning up to a slew of soirees with the quite the “entourage”, and refusing to do interviews. However the two vampires did sit side-by-side the following day while signing autographs at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.

And FYI, Lutz is definitely back on with on-again/off-again girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord. The two couldn’t contain their affection at director Michael Bay’s Giving Back Fund/Dewar’s Signature party at his stunning Miami residence on Saturday evening, as they hung out with lovers Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, while fellow “Gossip Girl” Chace Crawford worked the industry-laden room like a pro.

Meanwhile Venus and Serena Williams both attended the ESPN The Magazine’s “Next” event at the Fontainebleau, however they arrived separately and refused to pose for pics together. According to an insider, the sporting sisters possibly had some kind of rift, although they were spotted together earlier that day at the Tide Febreeze launch and BET SOS party.

And it seems cute couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were a little affected by the South Beach breeze and bumper-to-bumper traffic at the Maxim Super Bowl bash at the Raleigh on Saturday night.

“They got into a bit of a disagreement,” an eyewitness said. “The traffic was so bad when they were leaving that Nick didn’t want to take the car service and just walk (to their next party stop), but it was a bit cold and windy, Vanessa was tired and wanted to take the car.”

(Note to Nick: us ladies can’t walk too far in high heels!)

However one young lady (who is pretty used to confrontations in her personal/professional life) managed to stay out of trouble over the weekend. Well, at least that kind of trouble.

According to our Pop Tarts spy, “The Hills” hottie Kristin Cavallari may have had a few too many  while living it up at hot spot TAO; apparently she toppled to the ground and even had to be carried out of the Miami club. Yikes.

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