FAST FACTS: Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy died at age, 32, Saturday night after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived, reports said.

Birthplace: Atlanta

Raised in New Jersey
Began performing career at age two

1987 Had title role in a regional theater production of the musical "Really Rosie" (date approximate)
Began acting in TV commercials
1991 At age 13, moved to L.A. (date approximate)
1991 Primetime TV debut as Frank's sister in an episode of "Murphy Brown" (CBS)
1991 -1992 TV series debut as a regular playing Dabney Coleman's daughter on "Drexel's Class" (Fox)
1992 Briefly performed with the singing group Blessed With Soul, along with Haylie Johnson and Eric Balfour
1993 Film debut in "Family Prayers"
1993 Had regular role of Molly on the ABC sitcom "Almost Home"
Played recurring part of Sarah, a friend of the twins, in "Sister, Sister" (ABC)
1994 Acted on an episode of the Fox drama "Party of Five"
1995 Guested on episodes of "seaQuest 2032" (NBC), "Boy Meets World" and "The Marshal" (both ABC)
1995 Breakthrough screen role as the loopy Tai, friend and protege of Alicia Silverstone's Cher, in "Clueless"
1996 Featured in the CBS TV-movie "Double Jeopardy"
1996 Acted in the Little Red Riding Hood update "Freeway" (aired on HBO)
1997 Featured in "The Prophecy II: Ashtown" and "Drive" (debuted on HBO in lieu of theatrical release)
1997 -Present Provided the voice of Luanne on the animated series "King of the Hill" (Fox)
Co-starred with Anthony LaPaglia and Allison Janney in the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's "A View From the Bridge"
1998 Appeared opposite Ray Liotta in "Phoenix"; film premiered on HBO before receiving a theatrical release; also featured Anthony LaPaglia
1998 Co-starred with Lukas Haas in the TV remake of "David and Lisa", a broadcast produced under the "Oprah Winfrey Presents" banner
1998 Acted in the little-seen independents "Zach and Reba" and "Bongwater"
1999 Featured as one of the contests in a beauty pageant in the film comedy "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
1999 Co-starred as a mental hospital patient in "Girl, Interrupted"
Signed to portray Janis Joplin in a biopic to be directed by Gary Fleder; film cancelled due to music rights clearance problems
2000 Played a naval officer discharged after she is found in a gay bar in the 1950s-set segement of the gay-themed Showtime TV-movie "Common Ground"
2000 Featured as a charming barfly in "Trixie" and a virginal teen stalked by a killer in "Cherry Falls"
2001 Played a likable local floozy in the comedy "Summer Catch"
2001 Starred as a young woman whose disturbed mind holds a secret in "Don't Say a Word", directed by Gary Fleder
2001 Played Drew Barrymore's best friend in the biopic "Riding in Cars With Boys"
2001 Was part of the ensemble cast of the romantic comedy "Sidewalks of New York", directed by Edward Burns
Featured in the romantic comedy "You Stupid Man" (lensed 2001), directed by Burns' brother Brian
2002 Cast in "8 Mile", loosely based on rap singer Eminem's life story, directed by Curtis Hanson
2003 Starred opposite Ashton Kutcher as a newlywed couple in "Just Married"
2003 Played Mickey Rourke's amphetamine-addled girlfriend in Jonas Ackerlund's black comedy "Spun"
2003 Co-starred as a nanny to a bratty eight-year-old in "Uptown Girls"
2004 Featured in the romantic comedy "Little Black Book"
2005 Starred in "Sin City" the adaptation of comic book icon Frank Miller's uber-noir series of grapic novels; co-directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez
2006 Cast in the Australian-produced computer-animated film, "Happy Feet"