Billy Mays' Final TV Pitches Set To Air

Billy Mays is gone, but his message will live on.

Mays' family has given permission to air the last two commercials the pitchman with the booming voice made before his June 28 death.

The commercials are for Mighty Tape, a new product, and Mighty Putty Super Pak.

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In the Mighty Tape pitch, Mays dons scuba gear, goes underwater and punctures a hole in the hose connecting the air tank to his mouth. Then he patches it with Mighty Tape.

"What I'll miss most, other than his friendship, is those commercial shoots where we always tried to one-up what we did before," said Bill McAlister, president of Media Enterprises, which markets the Mighty-brand products.

Mays' wife, Deborah, said, "Billy believed in every product he sold, and he loved nothing more than bringing helpful products to people at a great savings. He always enjoyed meeting his loyal fans and taking time to really talk to everyday people."

Mays, who suffered from heart disease, died at 50.