Joe Jackson: Michael's Funeral Will be Large, Open to Public

After plugging his record company, Michael Jackson's father Joe said in a press conference outside his home Monday that the family was planning a large public funeral for the deceased singer.

Joe Jackson says planning for a funeral will await a finding on what happened to his son, who died Thursday at age 50.

The family has sanctioned a second autopsy to be conducted on the King of Pop's body, which they said is already underway.

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"We aren't ready for [releasing information on the funeral]. We don't have the time frame yet because we want to see when the private autopsy comes out."

But Joe Jackson says the funeral will not be closed to the public, as his son would likely have wanted a similar type of service.

Sharpton says the funeral plan has to be careful and deliberate and cannot be done spontaneously.

"[The Jacksons] gave the world a whole new glow and they must be careful to protect that glow," Sharpton said.

Joe Jackson defended his plug of his record label with Marshall Thompson at the BET Awards last night, when a reporter asked him about his son.

"Now I was asked that question and I answered just like it was asked because they wanted to know what else I was doing," Jackson said before going into discussions about his son.

"The family and I are very proud to see all of you come out here and help us with this whole situation because we know that we do have fans all over the world and we know that we're loved all over the world. But one thing that I wish could have happened — I wish that Michael could be here to see all of this. [We] had to wait until something happened like this before it could be realized. Michael was a superstar ... he was loved all over the world."

Jackson also said that he was pleased with the judge's decision to grant him and his wife Catherine temporary custody of Michael's three children

"[The children] are happy with the kids that they're around ... We have kids back there who are small just like they are. They [were] never around other kids," Jackson said.

Joe Jackson, notorious for his rumored abuse of his children including Michael, said the last time he saw his son was about a week before his death.