Exclusive: Justin Timberlake Being Pressured To Have Babies With Jessica Biel

If Jessica Biel wants to hold off on having children, she might want to steer clear of boyfriend Justin Timberlake's mother.

An eyewitness tells FOXNews.com that Timberlake's mother, Lynn Harless, was outside a party saying she doesn't want to be an "old grandmother" and is pushing her son to get on with procreating, already.

Harless said she was 20 when she had Justin, and that being a young mother is ideal because you have "so much more energy," and added that Justin's career was so successful, he had the opportunity to focus now on "other things."

Like children.

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But it sounds like Biel, 27, is not on the same page as Harless when it comes to starting a family. The actress told this month's issue of Allure that she has "no idea" if she wants to get married and has still has “a lot to do, careerwise.”

Biel can also take solace in Justin's response to his mother's proddings. Harless told her friends that Justin, 28, tells her to "cut it out," whenever she brings up kids.

Harless also told her pals that Jessica and Justin and are getting more serious about tying the knot and she respects them for wanting to do things "right."

She just wishes they'd do things "right" a little faster, and with some little kiddies running around them while they do it.

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