Kirstie Alley: I Screamed When the Scale Said 228 Pounds

Kirstie Alley can remember the moment that she stepped on the scale after fifteen months of indulging.

“I started screaming,” she tells People magazine in her cover issue that boldly proclaims, “Yes, I gained 83 pounds.”

“It said 228 pounds, which is my highest weight ever. I was so much more disgusting than I thought!”

It was a big number, yes, but Alley, 58, admits that she had a sneaking suspicion that all the "Chinese takeout" and butter binges led to the weight gain.

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After leaving her post as the Jenny Craig spokeswoman, where she famously whittled her 5’8’’ frame down to 145 pounds and even donned a bikini on the Oprah Winfrey show, the star admits she "went a little wild." Moreover, she “fell off the wagon” without the scrutiny of her weekly weigh-ins.

But Alley is ready to get back in shape and says she even wants to sign up for a triathlon to help her get back to 140 pounds.

“I’m ready to work. I messed up along the way, but I’m not going to concentrate on that. I’m gonna go, "You know what? Get back on the horse, lose the freakin’ weight, and then just move forward!"

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