Sacha Baron Cohen Asks Paula Abdul To Sit on a Mexican Gardener

"American Idol" judge Paula Abdul has admitted it took her a year to realize she was completely fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen's character Bruno after she conducted a bizarre interview with the star.

Abdul's publicist approved the interview with Baron Cohen, who plays a flamboyantly gay Austrian TV reporter for his upcoming movie, after she was told Abdul had been voted "Artist of the Year" in Germany.

It is understood the interview will feature as part of Baron Cohen's upcoming movie, Bruno.

"I'm greeted by this futuristic, Captain Nemo–looking dude with a mohawk - and he's flaming," Abdul told 104.7 FM's Johnjay and Rich Show.

"I'm like, 'OK, this is weird. Is this a variety show or something like that?'"

The star was then asked to sit on a Mexican gardener who got down on all fours, after Bruno apologized there was no furniture or chairs.

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