Swimwear Supermodel Joanna Krupa's Favorite Sexy Stay-Put One-Piece Suits

Swimsuit supermodel Joanna Krupa is teaming up with NFL bad boy Terrel Owens for ABC's new all-celeb prime-time reality-show "The Superstars," set to air June 23.

The show pairs pro athletes with celebrities and sends them into demanding sports competitions.

Which got us to thinking. How will Krupa, and the other cuties involved, keep their, um, assets in place during the demanding sport stunts?

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The Polish stunner, who talked to FOXNews.com's Pop Tarts column a few weeks ago, and who has has been voted the sexiest swimsuit model in the world by magazines around the globe, gave us some of her best tips for staying sexy on the beach when non-stop jet ski, volleyball and jogging action is on the menu.

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Krupa also took us on an exclusive shopping spree at BestSwimwear.com and picked out 10 one-piece swimsuits that she -- and you -- can trust to keep everything looking sleek and sexy, while avoiding embarrassing pop-outs, wedgies, and dreaded top-fall-offs!