Faith Hill Poses as Other Iconic Blondes in Stunning Photo Spread

Country singer Faith Hill goes incognito in the May issue of Redbook magazine, posing as three other iconic blondes.

The singer, 41, chose to pose as actress Brigitte Bardot, model Twiggy and actress Grace Kelly.

Here are a few highlights from Hill’s interview, which hits newsstands April 28:

PHOTOS: Click here to see the photo spread of Faith Hill as other iconic blondes.

On Grace Kelly:

“Grace is probably the one that I relate to the most in my life and the one that I have most in common with,” says Hill. “I have this seemingly high-profile life, like Grace did, and we were both the mother of three children. She epitomizes the all-American girl with a quiet class and inner strength. She was like everybody’s girl—seemingly comfortable and accessible—yet untouchable.”

On Brigitte Bardot:

“To be completely candid, I felt least like Brigitte of all three of the women,” says Hill. “To me, sexuality is very different from sensuality. And Brigitte possesses this sensual essence that is so powerful. If I could possess that kind of sensuality, I would want to possess it like she does.”

On Twiggy:

“It was hard for me to look at myself as Twiggy,” admits Hill. “I think she was in her late teens when the original photo was taken. And there’s a very big difference between a teenager and a 41-year old!”

Go to Redbookmag.com to read the full interview. And be sure to check Hill out in the May issue, on newsstands April 28.