Mike Tyson Says He Wants Just One More Fight

Mike Tyson wants one more fight.

But not against Evander Holyfield, or George Foreman, or any of his former heavyweight boxing contemporaries.

He wants to get the director of the new documentary, "Tyson," which premiered last night in Los Angeles, into the ring.

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When FOX News asked the former champ who he might want to knock around for a few rounds, Tyson replied: "James Toback."

We think he was kidding.

"I don’t know," Tyson continued. "I’m not too interested in fighting no more. I don’t got the same desire ... to strike somebody in anger that I once had. It’s just not the same."

The seemingly chastened star, whose life from the mean streets of Brooklyn to the top of the sporting and entertainment worlds, and back down again, is chronicled in Toback's film, seemed unsure of his feelings in looking back.

"I think in life there are many regrets," he said. "But you can’t change the past, and I try not to allow it to chip at me and break me down. But ... there is a tremendous amount of regret."

Toback shed a little more light on why the former star still commands enough attention to warrant a feature-lengh documentary.

"He’s an iconic, graphic figure, probably the most fascinating figure in sports history in the last fifty years," Toback told FOX News. "He's mesmerizing. He’s hypnotic. And you really get a sense of the complexity of a fascinating human being, and one who’s so human that he makes you feel a kind of humanity yourself, particularly because people don’t expect it. They see it in Mike Tyson and it shocks them."

"Tyson" opens in limited release on April 24.