Hot Bikini Moms: Brooke Burke and Denise Richards Prove Kids and Bikinis Do Mix

Mooooooommmmmmmm! Why are you wearing a bikini? You're embarrassing me!

That would be the plaintive wail of most kids in America, but not the children of Denise Richards and Brooke Burke.

The two hot celebrity moms have been out and about in their bikinis in 2009, flaunting their post-baby bodies (Richards has two wee ones, Burke has four) for all to see.

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Burke attributes her unstoppable body to nutrition.

“I’ve always been someone who’s had a healthy lifestyle," said the Season 7 champ of 'Dancing With the Stars.' "I think 90 percent of it is what you eat.”

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Meanwhile, Richards has regained the body that made her famous in "Wild Things" thanks to good old fashioned hard work.

The recent "Dancing With the Stars" cast-off says she lost 30 pounds in four months after having her second child by getting up at 5 am every morning and going to the gym.

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Nothing fancy about that.