Amy Adams Almost Chose Working at 'The Gap' Over Acting

Amy Adams almost chose The Gap over her acting career.

That's what the actress was thinking as she sat in the audience at this year's Academy Awards, where she was nominated for best supporting actress for her role as Sister James in "Doubt."

“I just was so reflective the whole evening on how I came to be sitting in that room," she tells W Magazine in their May issue, on sale April 21. "At one point my fiancé was like, ‘You feel distant.’ And I said, ‘I am! I can’t even talk to you!’ I was there at the Oscars thinking, What if I never left the Gap?”

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There's a chance that if Adams had been able to afford hip clothes like the cool girls in school, she never would have taken up acting at all.

“We were defined by the clothes we bought at the mall," Adams said. "If I didn’t get things on clearance, I wasn’t getting them. I would make fake Guess jeans by buying a cheaper brand with a triangle label and then cutting it off so you could still see the triangle outline. It’s so sad that I did that! But I really wanted to be one of those girls.”

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One nice thing about Adams' youth, though, is that it seems eternal. “I ordered a glass of champagne on the plane today, and the flight attendant asked, ‘Are you old enough to drink?’," said the 34-year-old actress. "I was like, ‘I’m old enough to worry about being infertile, so yes!’”

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