Bob Dylan Under Investigation for Outhouse Stench Blowin' in the Wind

Fans might consider him a champion of civil rights, a counterculture luminary and a musical icon but Bob Dylan's Californian neighbours just think he stinks.

A family who live near the singer-songwriter's home in Malibu are outraged at what they’ve encountered blowin’ in the wind after he installed a portable toilet on his property.

David Emminger called in the local authorities after investing in five industrial-sized fans in his garden but finding he still couldn’t send the stench back towards Dylan’s compound.

"It's a scandal,” he told the LA Times. “‘Mr. Civil Rights’ is killing our civil rights."

Emminger claimed his wife and son have been made ill by the stench and chemicals drifting from the toilet, used by security staff, and that they had to abandon the top floor of their house for less smelly rooms.

Emminger’s wife, Cindy, said the man known for his protest songs has ignored their objections for six months. “It started in September. I'd go into the frontyard and get nauseous”.

Dylan had not commented.

Malibu officials said they were investigating.

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