Dying Reality TV Star Spends Rare Night With Husband as Health Deteriorates

A British reality star who is dying of cancer was allowed to spend a rare night with her husband, currently on probation following a prison stint, as her condition worsens.

It is just the second night that Jack Tweed and wife Jade Goody, 27, have been allowed to stay together since they married last month as Tweed remains subject to bail conditions following his release from prison, SkyNews reported.

Publicist Max Clifford told SkyNews that Goody was "thrilled but tired" after returning home from hospital to be with her two sons and Tweed, 21.

The 27-year-old former Big Brother star and her husband were reportedly planning to watch the two-hour TV special on their wedding during their night together.

Mr. Clifford, who said Goody had enjoyed watching the series on the Living Channel so far, added: "She is very, very tired but they are keeping her pain under control."

Now known to most Britons simply as "Jade," Goody was plucked from obscurity to participate in "Big Brother," a British reality show, in 2002. Her eye-popping gaffes — she infamously complained of being "an escape goat" and questioned whether English was spoken in the U.S. — made her so mocked that her old south London school defended itself by saying she wasn't a typical pupil.

Goody cashed in on her notoriety with an autobiography, fitness videos and a line of perfume, but her clashes with Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, during the filming of "Celebrity Big Brother" in January 2007, saw her branded a racist and ejected from the show in disgrace.

Goody tried her best to fix the damage, making up with Shetty, donating money to an Indian charity and offering to appear on the Indian version of the show. It was while she was filming that show in August that she learned she had cancer.

Her decision to film her struggle with the disease — to make as much money as possible to benefit her two young sons — has drawn praise from all corners of British society.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.