Southwest's Sports Illustrated Plane Featuring Bar Refaeli Is Offending Passengers

Passengers are angry about being forced to fly on a new Southwest Airlines plane featuring a bikini-clad model, saying it is "soft porn" and is offensive to families.

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, currently dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio, is pictured lying seductively in a revealing white bikini along the length of the Boeing 737 as part of a promotional deal with Sports Illustrated.

The latest addition to the US-based airline was unveiled this month and is deployed like other aircraft in the fleet, servicing all its routes.

PHOTOS: Plane or Porn? You decide.

The airline has received a flood of criticism on its corporate blog about the promotion, with many passengers complaining about having to board an aircraft “covered in pornography”.

“I would not want to have to watch this plane pull up to the gate traveling with my young child, or mother, grandmother, etc.,” customer Jim Dawson said.

“I know Southwest is known for its fun, laid back qualities but this is just completely inappropriate to plaster all over the side of the plane.”

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