Maxim Mondays: Super Bowl Hotties and Sucky Sequels

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Today the boys are talking bad movie sequels and Super Bowl Sunday.

'Hometown Hotties' From Arizona and Pittsburgh

The excitement for next Sunday's Super Bowl matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers is ratcheting up, so Maxim.com has done their part in bringing the heat by scouring our archives for our hottest "Hometown Hottie" fans from the two warring states.

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Signs You're in a Bad Third Installment

Everyone knows that the toughest thing for filmmakers to pull off is a franchise's third go-round—so in honor of this weekend's Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, here's our handy guide to the red flags that indicate your three-quel is likely to be teh suxor.
1. The Stars Go Out
"Hey, folks! Did you enjoy watching Kate Beckinsale kick a** in leather for two Underworld movies? Awesome, then you'll really love Rhona Mitra kicking…What's that? No, no. Kate's not in this one. Neither is the guy from Felicity. Hold on…come back! We've still got Michael Sheen! Hey! No, screw you, buddy!"
2. The Director Bails
Worse than failing to sign the leads on the dotted line is having the person who guided the first two movies to success—well, "success" enough to warrant a third movie at least—decide that another round of increasingly flimsy storytelling just isn't worth his time. This usually means the studio has to scramble to find any hack with two months to kill to point a camera and half-ass a movie in time for their pre-set release date. We call this "Pulling a Ratner."
3. The Studio Gets Cocky
It's pretty commonly known that movie studios know as much about movies as the guy at Foot Locker knows about how to manipulate rubber and plastic to create a buoyant sole. So it's a major red flag when they start thinking they know more about what makes a franchise work then, well, the people who actually make a franchise work.
They start second-guessing to death ("Listen, Mr. Raimi, if you don't find a way to shoehorn Venom into this flick, we're pulling the plug. You think those toys are going to sell themselves?") and the "movie by committee" results speak for themselves.

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