'Idol's' Bikini Girl Was a Former Hooters Girl

Fans of American Idol’s infamous bikini girl will hardly be surprised to learn her former profession: Hooters girl.

Katrina Darrell, the 21-year-old from California, was recently fired from a West Covina branch of the popular restaurant for leaving repeatedly during the middle of a shift, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

“All Katrina ever talked about was becoming famous,” one of her friends said. “Her one aim in life was to make it in Hollywood.”

Darrell reportedly worked at the restaurant, famous for its revealing uniforms, for just three months. Apparently, she didn’t have the talent to move up the ranks to become a waitress, and was instead stuck being a greeter at the door.

Eventually, according to Radar, she was axed from Hooters payroll after skipping out early on her shift to attend an audition.

We wonder what she wore to that one!

Click here to read the full report and see a photo of her in uniform at RadarOnline.com