Chevrolet Corvette logos through the years
2014 'Vette logo revealed ahead of new model.


The all-new seventh generation Chevrolet Corvette will make its debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show on Jan 13th, but just how "all-new" will it be? Chevy says the only two carry over parts will be the cabin air filter and the rear latch for the removable roof panel, and that includes the logo. To tide fans over until next year, the automaker has revealed the modernized version of the Corvette's Crossed Flags logo that will appear on the 2014 'Vette. Click through for a look at how it's changed over the past six decades.


The first logo to appear on a production Corvette in 1953 was actually the second. The original concept car shown that year featured a checkered flag crossed with an American flag, but rules at the time prohibiting the use of Old Glory on commercial products prompted a switch to a red flag sporting the Chevrolet bowtie and a fleur-de-lis, the latter a tip of the hat to Louis Chevrolet's French heritage.


The 1962 version of the logo became more stylistic, losing the "Chevrolet Corvette" name and featuring flags bursting out of their circular frame.


The third generation Corvette logo lost the circle entirely and spread the flags further apart.


The radical redesign of the very modern 1984 Corvette included its logo, which brought back the circular frame but dropped the flag poles and fleur-de-lis while swapping the position of the flags.


In 1997 the fleur-de-lis and flag poles returned, but the circle became an oval, mimicking the new shape of the car's iconic taillights.


For the current sixth generation Corvette, the flags merged with their poles and lost while the logo once again went frameless.


The seventh generation logo is an evolution of the last, with a more swept-back look, wider more angular edging and flags that aren't quite crossed at the base, all meant to convey the  speed and bold styling of the upcoming car.

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Chevrolet Corvette logos through the years

2014 'Vette logo revealed ahead of new model.

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