Sexy Station Wagons
Why don't Americans like these?


America's love affair with the station wagon ended long ago, as it fell for the varying charms of minivans, crossovers and SUVs. The last one left from Detroit is the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, and even it is primarily targeted at Europeans. But wagons are big business there and elsewhere, and the latest batch of sleek sleds may have you rethink that gas guzzler in your driveway - if only you could buy one here.

Ford Mondeo Wagon

It's called the Fusion here, where sedan versions on on their way to showrooms, but in Europe it goes by the name Mondeo and will available with a three-cylinder engine that Ford says is good for 50-55 mpg.


Mazda6 Wagon

Mazda once sold a version of its midsize sedan in the U.S., but the very stylish new model won't be coming this way. Good thing the four-door looks almost as good.


Mercedes-Benz CLS

Mercedes pioneered the "four-door coupe" segment with its CLS sedan, so that must make this a five-door coupe? Either way, the company calls it a Shooting Brake, which is a fancy way to say station wagon. There are currently no plans for U.S. sale, to which we say "shoot, give us a break!"


BMW 328i Sports Wagon

It may not be as slick as the other ones, but if you can wait until May of next year the BMW 328i Sports Wagon will be in U.S. showrooms with the same turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the 328i Sedan, which delivers enough power to make it deserving of the "sport" part of its name.


Sexy Station Wagons

Why don't Americans like these?

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