Dangerous delivery ꟷ Jeep driver spotted with washing machine on his hood

The roof rack weight limit on a Jeep Liberty is 150 lbs, but that’s no excuse for loading a front-load washing machine onto the hood instead.

A driver who had done just that was spotted in Abilene, Texas, earlier this month with a washer as wide as the windshield sitting on a blanket on the hood and held in place by two straps.

The Abilene Police Officer’s Association posted a photo of the vehicle parked at a gas station on Facebook with the caption “job security for us...”, which was picked up by Jalopnik.

Comments on the post included another photo of what appears to be the same vehicle with a different appliance on the hood and also a full roof rack. Another commenter claimed he’s seen the driver do this all the time, after grabbing the items from dumpsters.

But while driving with an obstructed front view is against the law in Texas, and carries a $60 fine in Abilene, the driver got off without a ticket.

That’s because the original image wasn’t taken by an officer that spotted him, but was sent to the police by a concerned citizen.

A department spokesperson told Fox News that the owner of the Jeep was located at his home and given a verbal warning not to do it again.


Gary Gastelu is FoxNews.com's Automotive Editor.