Car found frozen in ice during London's historic cold snap

A historic, stormy cold front sweeping across Europe this week has travelers in its grasp.

One driver in particular.

Police in East London posted photos to Twitter on Thursday of a car fully encased in ice, and it’s not a sculpture.

Turns out the vehicle was parked in exactly the wrong spot when a water main broke and conspired with the freezing temperatures to cover it in a thick shell.

The police think it’s been there for a couple of days, but no one has yet come to claim it.

This Londoner won't be able to drive to work today (Fri) - because their car was trapped in a block of ICE. See National story NNICE; The frozen motor was left unidentifiable after being turned into a block of ice by a burst water pipe. Workers were scrambled this morning to repair the pipe, but the car, in Tower Hamlets, east London, is unlikely to get thawed for a few days. Tower Hamlets Police offered their "deepest sympathy" to the driver on Twitter. Traffic wardens will struggle to ticket the car, which has been stuck for two days. Twitter user @baoigheallain said: "The lengths some owners will go to to prevent a parking officer sticking a ticket to their windscreens."

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Unfortunately, they can’t try to extract it until work on the water main is finished, and the weather isn’t expected to warm up significantly for a couple of more days, so Mother Nature won’t be much help in the meantime.

One commenter on the tweet did have an unorthodox suggestion for getting it out:

(Bonus points for anyone who can identify the make and model of the car.)