Driver in stolen U-Haul leads police on high-speed chase and crashes ... again

He was definitely hauling something.

Police in Windham, Maine, arrested a Portland man this week after he led them on a high-speed chase in a stolen U-Haul truck.

And it wasn’t the first time.


William Wyman told police he was living in the stolen pickup.  (Cumberland County Sheriff's Office)

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s office reports that a deputy spotted William Wyman, 41, driving a U-Haul pickup at a high rate of speed on Sunday night and tried to pull him over. Wyman refused to comply and sped up instead. Another officer down the road then witnessed the vehicle run a red light and joined the pursuit.

Wyman soon crashed the truck and was apprehended. The Portland Press Herald reports that Wyman told police that he was living in the pickup, which he’d robbed from the same U-Haul outlet that he previously stole a van from that he ran from the police in on Halloween. That pursuit also ended with a wreck and the injury of another driver.


Wyman led police on another high speed chase in a stolen U-Haul van on Halloween that also ended in a wreck.  (Cumberland County Sherrif's Office)

“Unfortunately, we deal with a lot of the same people on a routine basis,” Capt. Scott Stewart told the Press Herald.

“What makes this different is these incidents both involved a stolen U-Haul. What are the odds of two chases in four months?”

Wyman was charged with motor vehicle theft, driving with a suspended license, eluding police and a number of other traffic violations. He was released from custody on Tuesday.