Ken Block tells story of 'Top Gear' stunt gone wrong near war memorial

The man behind the wheel of the controversial Cenotaph 'Top Gear' stunt has finally broken his silence.

The ill-fated film - which cost a reported £100,000 - was shot near the war memorial and sparked a row between Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc.

Just a few months later and Evans, who had replaced Jeremy Clarkson, stepped down as a presenter on the revamped BBC show.

Now YouTube rally star Ken Block has told The Sun his stunt car - dubbed The Hoonicorn - was kept a ‘respectable distance’ from the war memorial and blames the media for ‘blowing something up’.


Less than a fortnight after Remembrance Sunday, Block said: "From my perspective, The Top Gear staff were allowed to be were they were.

"They were given permits. I was told that that particular thing needed respect, and it was.

"I drove by it [the Cenotaph] in both directions - that people do every day. And I was 150m away when we were sliding.

"I don’t know what a respectable distance would have to be? 500m, Half a K away? To me 150m was a totally respectable distance."

Block, whose internet stunt videos have racked up millions of views, was talking to The Sun at the Monster Gymkhana Grid competition in South Africa.

“To me it was typical media trying to blow something up, because Top Gear is something people like .. especially controversy. And somehow I got caught up in the middle of all that," added Block.