The 2018 F-Series Super Duty Limited is Ford's first $100,000 pickup

The Ford F-Series is going where it’s never gone before.

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Ford unveiled on ‘Fox & Friends’ Thursday the new F-Series Super Duty Limited -- its most luxurious and expensive model ever.

The luxed-up truck starts at $82,130 for an F-250 4x4, while a fully loaded F-450 4x4 Limited dually rings up at $95,750. Add title, taxes and fees and you’re pretty much looking at a six-figure truck, and Ford’s priciest product next to the $450,000 GT supercar.

All of the Super Duty Limiteds come loaded with a long list of standard features that includes a 360-degree camera system, adaptive cruise control, panoramic moon roof, unique two-tone Camelback leather upholstery, a microfiber suede headliner and a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine.

Ford Super Duty marketing manager Brian Rathsburg said a typical target customer is someone who tows a $250,000 horse trailer with million-dollar horses on board, or a six-figure boat, and is looking for a truck to match.

Transaction prices for heavy duty pickups have skyrocketed in recent years as brands have added more upscale models to their lineups. The industry average was $55,473 in August, according to Kelly Blue Book. Ford leads the segment at $57,199, with high end models accounting for over half of Super Duty sales.

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You’d better get your work or cowboy boots polished soon, because the 2018 Series Super Duty Limited is scheduled to start dressing up Ford showrooms by the end of this year.