$1.3 million motorhome has room for your family and car

This amazing footage shows one of the largest, most expensive new motorhomes ever to hit the open road.

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The $1.3 million bus-sized “Variomobil Signature 1200” boasts a 523 horsepower of Mercedes engine – but it can also house a powerful Porsche in its own garage.

This handy design feature means after finding a big enough parking space you can zip about the local area in your much smaller runaround.

The garage can be accessed from a ramp that comes down at the bottom.

But it is inside this mammoth motor home that is most impressive.

Features include leather upholstery and real wood veneers plus a microprocessor-controlled ambient lighting and touchscreen-controlled induction cooktop, 190-L refrigerator, dishwasher and a washer/dryer.

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Oh, and it also has a full bathroom with mineral stone sink, LED TV with satellite and Bose audio system.

This mansion on wheels sleeps four to six people in its cabin.

There is also the option of a pull-down bed that stores above the captain’s chairs.

At the back of the driver’s cab there is an open living area with plenty of room to spread out.

Feeling hungry? Well you can rustle something up in a kitchen across from a small dinette.

There is also a fully equipped bathroom.

Gas heating and hot water are standard and air conditioning, floor heating systems and diesel hot water heaters are available.