Man drives blazing truck through Chinese tunnel to safety


 (CCTV News)

If you can see a light at the end of the tunnel – it could be a blazing truck heading straight for you.

That’s the sight that would have greeted anyone foolish enough to be peering down a tunnel on the Lanhai highway in Ghizhou Provonce, China last Friday (November 6) as the driver of a truck drove for his life.


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At some point during its journey through the tunnel, the trailer of the large articulated truck caught fire. Rather than stopping the truck and risking a devastating fire, its courageous driver, reportedly called Mr Xiao, put his foot down and accelerated as fast as he could out of the tunnel to a safe place, where the fire could be extinguished.

The truck was carrying car parts but these were soon engulfed in flames. Fire-fighters arrived to put out the fire soon after. Fortunately, Mr Xiao escaped unharmed.