Infiniti sends Christie Brinkley back on "Vacation"



In the upcoming “Vacation” sequel, Rusty Griswold takes his wife and kids on a cross country trip to Walley World, in an attempt to recreate the epic journey his dad, Clark, subjected him to in the original film.

Instead of a Family Truckster station wagon, however, this time around his car of choice is the equally tragic and very fictional Tartan Prancer minivan, which he calls “the Honda of Albania.” But that branding hasn’t stopped Infiniti from jumping on the “Vacation” bandwagon.

A new commercial for the QX60 crossover recreates the famous scene from the 1983 comedy hit where supermodel of the moment Christie Brinkley pulls up in a Ferrari and distracts Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold character into an unfortunate accident.

Of course, this time around, there’s a twist.

Unless she makes a surprise cameo, Brinkley isn’t actually in the new film, but with Chevy Chase making an appearance, you never know what might happen in the hotel pool.