The Alfa Romeo Giulia may have been developed by a secret “skunkworks” at the company, but it sure doesn’t look like it stinks.

The upcoming compact sports sedan is the next step in the automaker’s revival plan, which may explain why it unveiled the high performance Quadrifoglio (Italian for four-leaf clover) model first. It features Alfa’s signature triangular grille, a long hood, and bulging, swept-back bodywork constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Alfa says the rear-wheel-drive four-door boasts a perfect 50/50 weight balance, a carbon fiber driveshaft, and is powered by a 510 hp turbocharged V6 developed with input from its corporate cousins at Ferrari that’ll get it from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, but with cylinder deactivation technology will deliver “surprising” fuel efficiency.

Active aerodynamics should also help with the MPG, while a double-wishbone front suspension with adaptive dampers and a twin-clutch torque-vectoring differential will take care of things in the curves.

Additional models with less powerful engines and all-wheel-drive will follow.

Alfa hasn’t yet revealed the interior design, what types of transmissions will be offered, its price, or when it will join the 4C coupe and 4C Spider in showrooms, but it has posted a video of what it sounds like on the track to make you forget about all of that…for now.


Alfa Romeo 4C Test Drive