Chevy FNR is the sports sedan of 2030



Chevrolet is offering a glimpse at what you may be driving fifteen years from now

In fact, it’s what may be driving you.

The Chevy FNR unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show on Monday is an autonomous family car designed with the kind of futurism you don’t often see in many “concept” cars from U.S automakers these days.

The four-seat sports sedan features “dragonfly” scissor-style doors that look more fabulous than functional, a full width 3D monitor on the dashboard, and a “crystal ball” between the front seats that allows you control the vehicle via gesture controls or request that it drives itself.

When it takes over, the front seats swivel 180 degrees to face the rear, creating the lounge-like space that’s quickly becoming the norm for autonomous car proposals, like the Mercedes-Benz F015. Chevy also envisions that you'll be able to send the FNR on errands with no one aboard, but hasn't unveiled plans for a pickup version...yet.

The battery-powered car features hubless wheels that are propelled by electric motors attached directly to the bottom of the rims -- all four of them. Its bodywork is constructed of composite and carbon fiber panels, uses crystal laser head and taillights, and is dressed up all around with LED accents that its designers believe will continue to become a mainstay of car design in the years to come.

There are no plans to put something like the FNR into production, of course, but Chevrolet thinks the underlying technology will be ready for the road by 2030.

Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor.