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This glow in the dark spray paint helps drivers see cyclists in the dark



Cycling along a busy city road at night can be a nerve-racking ordeal for even the most experienced rider. Cross paths with a distracted driver and the resulting mangled mess of a bicycle could well be the least of your worries.

Already with a stellar reputation for car safety features, automaker Volvo is now using its knowledge and experience to help cyclists, too.

The Swedish company has come up with a can-based product called LifePaint, designed to make riders more visible in the dark. Spray it on your bike frame, wheels, cycle helmet, clothes -- basically anywhere you like -- and when a car's headlamps hit it, you'll glow bright white.

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You'll be pleased to know that the can's non-toxic contents have no adverse effect on the material to which it's applied, and doesn't show up at all during daylight hours.

LifePaint, the result of a collaboration with UK creative agency Grey London and Swedish startup Albedo100, lasts for around a week on any surface, though its ability to be easily washed off means it won't be much good for riding through a downpour.

Of course, it's not just cyclists who can benefit from using LifePaint, with Volvo suggesting you also apply the spray to strollers, children's backpacks, and even dog leashes.

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LifePaint certainly looks like a must-have piece of kit for avid night riders, but there's currently one big spanner in the spokes as far as getting hold of a can goes -- at the moment it's only available from six cycle stores, five in London and one just outside. However, if demand is strong, there's a good chance we'll see it turn up in multiple locations, or possibly online, giving every keen cyclist the chance to glow in the dark during their nighttime rides.