Mitsubishi concept SUV is the shape of things to come



So you’re a recent immigrant…to this planet. You’re married, have a couple of kids, a good job, but something is still missing.

Oh, right you’re homesick for the interplanetary transport that you spent the past couple of millennia in, and just can’t get on board with what the locals consider "cutting edge design" when you go car shopping, but still need a roomy, all-purpose vehicle to drive the larvae to school and laser tag in.

Well, you’ll have to suck it up for a couple of more years in one of the mundane crossovers or minivans on the market today, but relief could soon be on the way.

Mitsubishi has unveiled the Concept GC-PHEV, which it promises tells the story of what’s to come from the brand. The chunky SUV features gun-slit headlights and more sharp angles than a pool tournament, along with sides that look like they’re being sucked in by a small black hole in the cabin.

There isn’t one, but there is rectangular steering wheel, triangular glass panel roof just like the bridge on the old starship, plus a touch screen Tactical Table running the length of the cabin, in the event that you change your mind and decide that you do want to take over the planet, after all.

It has plug-in hybrid powertrain, of course, consisting of a 335 hp supercharged V6, electric motor, 8-speed transmission and Super All-Wheel Control all-wheel-drive, so nowhere is safe.

Unless you’re in the vehicle, which features car-to-infrastructure communications, collision avoidance, an artificial reality windshield, and something called Unintentional Move-Off control, in case you don’t make your intentions clear.

If worse comes to worst, the GC-PHEV’s battery pack stores enough energy to power your bug-out cabin (that’s a figure of speech, no one’s judging you, Mr. Insectoid,) for up to two weeks while you catch up on episodes of “V.”

Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor.