Nissan's new racecar puts the party in the front



Nissan is looking to turn the sports car racing world upside down with a car that’s the opposite of every other prototype on the grid.

In a world where mid-engine cars have been the norm for years, its GT-R LM NISMO is not only front-engine, but also front-wheel-drive, just like your Altima.

That’s assuming your Altima is powered by a combination of a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 and flywheel-based kinetic energy recovery system that’s good for 1,250-1,500 horsepower, according to Road & Track. The exhausts? Yea, they’re on the hood.

Designed by Ben Bowlby, the same man who brought the world the equally bizarre DeltaWing a few years ago, the GT-R LM NISMO features a chassis design even more interesting than its powertrain.

Channels built into the chassis allow air to flow under the bodywork and around the cabin to lower aerodynamic drag and improve downforce. Its front tires are 14 inches wide to put down all that power, while the ones in the rear are only 9 inches across.

They can be driven, too, with the addition of an innovative all-wheel-drivetrain that sends power to a rear differential then up and over the air channels to outboard gearboxes on each side that get it to the wheels. Now that’s special delivery.

The car will compete in the top LMP1 category of the World Endurance Championship against the likes of Audi, Toyota and Porsche, and is scheduled to be entered in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its debut is scheduled for the April 12th race at Silverstone in England.