Watch a Lamborghini take a wet and wild ride



The owners of a 2,000 hp Lamborghini took it to an airport runway hoping to fly, but went for a swim instead.

The Jumbolair residential aviation community in Ocala, Fla., is usually home to airplane enthusiasts like John Travolta, but this past weekend hosted the appropriately named WannaGOFAST ½-mile drag racing event on its runway.

During the event, the driver of a modified Lamborghini Gallardo lost control and crashed into a retention pond next to the strip. No serious injuries were reported.

The company that built the car, Heffner Performance, told Road & Track that it was actually tuned down from 2,500 hp, but was still spinning its tires through fourth gear. The driver apparently drifted off of the clean part of the tarmac onto some debris at approximately 135 mph and couldn’t recover.

"This was one of the events where I saw the most uncontrolled spinouts," said one of the drivers from the team that brought the car. "We were just the ones that ended up in that ditch."

Another Gallardo built by Underground Racing recorded the meet’s top speed at 225 mph.