Least, most expensive cars to insure

2014 Willys Wheeler Jeep shown

2014 Willys Wheeler Jeep shown  (Jeep)

Finally something that makes sense.

A back-to-basics truck is the cheapest vehicle to insure in America, while a high-tech sports car costs the most, according to a report from Insure.com.

After surveying six major insurance carriers about their rates for over 850 models, the Jeep Wrangler Sport was found to have the lowest average annual premium at $1080, followed by the Honda Odyssey minivan $1,103 and the Jeep Patriot Sport right behind it at $1,104.

At the other end of the list is the Nissan GT-R Track Edition, a low volume, high performance sports car with a hand-built twin turbocharged engine and unique all-wheel-drive system that has a starting price of $103,000 and an annual premium of $3,169. The second most expensive car to insure was the BMW M6 at $3,065 and the Mercedes-Benz CL550 4Matic AWD came in third at $3,019.

However, some of the most exotic cars on sale, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris, were not part of the survey.

The report also looked at state to state insurance costs, with the home of the U.S. automotive industry, Michigan, having the highest rates – largely due to a state law that guarantees lifetime benefits to injured drivers -- while neighboring Ohio was the cheapest.

You can check out the full list at Insure.com.