Crook busts cop for speeding at 140 mph

Durham Constabulary BMW 330d at community outreach event

Durham Constabulary BMW 330d at community outreach event  (Durham Constabulary)

Talk about a back seat driver.

A British constable has been suspended after being cited for speeding by a prisoner he was transporting, The Sunday Times reports.

The police officer from the Durham Constabulary in Northern England was transferring the convict from the city of Leeds to a police station in Darlington when they got to talking about the car they were in and the passenger asked how fast it could go.

The officer allegedly obliged his curiosity by accelerating the marked BMW to around 140 mph.

Upon their apparently speedy arrival at the station, the prisoner reported the incident to the desk officer, which resulted in the suspension of the offending copper's driver’s license and his removal from road duty.

By law, police vehicles are only allowed to exceed the speed limit during emergency situations.

According to The Northern Echo, the officer will be subject to a risk management and decision making action plan and required to take a driver reassessment test before returning to full operation duties.