The DIY 3D-printed Porsche



Is that Porsche you always wanted still out of your price range?

Well, now you can build one yourself. Just don’t expect to go very far in it.

The automaker is now offering the data needed to 3D print an accurate model of its Cayman sports car, saving you the trouble of driving a full-size one through a massive 3D scanner.

The download is available on Porsche’s website, and can be used to print cars in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on how large your 3D printer is and the filament used.

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Those adept in the art of 3D printing should even be able to modify the data to design customized Caymans of their own creation.

Think you can do better than Porsche’s own designers?

Be sure to check out our review of the real car before you give it a shot.

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