Daredevil goes for semi-truck jump record, falls with style

Mike D

 (Mike D)

Semi-trucks were made to haul a large number of items across long distances. They were not, however, made to be driven off of ramps. That doesn't matter to Scott Godfrey. His brother holds the record for longest jump in a semi-truck, and Scott wants to take that record and put his own name behind it. This means lining up a big rig, hitting the gas, and reaching for the sky.

Godfrey certainly gave the truck his full boot, but it wasn't quite enough to clear the 100-foot gap. Upon touchdown, his rear wheels clip the top of the landing ramp and that sends the back end up and over. This is called an endo, and it's not an ideal trick for a semi-truck. After that it's a barrage of dust and parts before the truck settles back down. Amazingly, Godfrey is totally unhurt.


You can see why he made it out just fine when they show the interior of his ride. It's fully caged, but it also has the safest racing seat we've ever seen. It's as if the iconic egg chair joined forces with the toughest Recaro on the market to create the ultimate cocoon of safety and comfort.

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