GPS sending drivers down stairs of Spanish city

Sebastian Maspons

 (Sebastian Maspons)

Talk about a bad backseat driver.

A car had to be removed from a staircase in the Spanish city of Teruel after its GPS system sent the driver down a pedestrian alley, The London Times reports.

And it wasn’t the first.

Locals say at least five cars have met a similar fate in recent days as their digital maps identified the Calle Hartzenbuch as a passable road.

“I can’t understand why someone would try to drive down there,” one local told The Times. “It’s obvious from the top of the street that it is a staircase.”

After unsuccessful efforts to push the latest victim’s car free, a crane had to be called in to extricate it.

Not confident that technology will solve the problem anytime soon, the city council plans to erect a set of old-fashioned bollards at the top of the stairs.