Ram Long Hauler pickup cruises closer to production

It probably wasn’t too hard to spot this one coming.

A truck that appears to be based on the enormous Ram Long Hauler concept has been caught on camera being driven on public roads outside Chrysler’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, according to, indicating that the long-distance cruiser could be headed for production.

The 24-foot-long Class 5 hauler is a Ram 5500 Crew Cab chassis truck that’s been converted into a four-door MegaCab with an 8-foot bed attached. Between them is a 60-gallon mid-mounted fuel tank that combines with the standard frame-mounted tank and a third, 50-gallon auxiliary tank located in the bed for a maximum capacity of over 160 gallons of diesel, which should be good for a cruising range of over 1,600 miles between fill-ups.

That’s one long test drive.

First unveiled in 2011, last year Ram Truck President and CEO Fred Diaz said the company was trying to make a business case for the vehicle after “absolutely staggering feedback from dealers on the concept.”

The 4x4 Long Hauler was designed with customers who do a lot of cross-country towing in mind, including racecar, horse and boat owners. A Kelderman air-suspension system should help ease their pain on long rides.

No word on price, but the vehicle it is based on costs about $60,000.